bob halford


"We had Quality Motorsports install an ARE Spintric® unit two months ago on our DE Track C6 Z06 Corvette #113. 113 has a purpose built LS7 engine making 575 RWHP and 510 lbs. RW Torque. We already had a ARE Stage 3 oiling system on the car and added the Spintric® to help in the removal of air and foam. It is doing great. Temperatures and pressures are very good. I would recommend this addition to Corvette ARE system to finish off the support needed."
- Bob Halford
Odessa, Texas

Rich willhoff - abel chevrolet


"I recently installed your Spintric® air oil separator on my Katech powered C6 Z06 track car. I only have a couple track days completed since the install, but I already noticed a change in oil temps and oil pressure consistency. I think there will be a nice drop in temps once I can get out on track in the heat. I also noticed significantly less air in the oil being returned to the tank The water and oil temps seem to stay closer to each other. I can't come up with any reason not to install one of these on a race engine. Thank You for continuing to come up with innovative new products for those of us that want the best for our expensive engines."
- Rich Willhoff
Service & Parts Director at Abel Chevrolet Buick
707-374-6317 ext 123 (Authorized Distributor of ARE's Dry Sump and Spintric®)

excelsior motorsports


I finished the car with your system and it worked flawless. The Spintric® seems to be reducing the amount of air in the tank and oil temps have gone down 15 degrees.
- Kushan at Excelsior Motor Sports
Escondido, CA

rippie motorsports


We use the ARE dry sump system on our racing engines, the systems work extremely well. I recently added the Spintric® to my own Corvette race car and immediately saw 10-15 degrees cooler oil and less foam in the dry sump tank an improvement to a system that already works the best!

- Doug Rippie at Rippie Motorsports
Waverly, MN
336-350-8256 (Authorized Distributor of ARE's Dry Sump and Spintric®)

Zomer motorentechniek


"We have installed the Spintric® in a customer's Race Car, and it does work perfect. We can run about 3 liters more oil in the same tank, without any oil blowing out. Zomer MotorTechneick, Holland, has installed many Spintric's® on all types of race cars and is now the stocking distributor for Spintric's® and many ARE Dry Sump Systems for Europe." Zomer is a complete and very competent racing facility.
- Bert at Zomer Motorentechniek BV, The Netherlands
(Authorized Distributor of ARE's Dry Sump and Spintric®)
phone: 0031 548-361385


John atkinson


I recently added your catch can and your Spintric® air oil separator to my ARE stage 3 dry sump on my Katech 2006 Z06. This is a dedicated track car I took the car to Willow Springs the next weekend, both days 105 +. The oil temp never broke 257 and the engine topped out at 215. Consistent amount of oil in the catch can each session. Oil pressure was very constant and stable. This is a MUST for anyone wanting the BEST for their high performance car.
P.S. 1st place both days in TTU. See you at the track
- John Atkinson


JGK Motorsports


We were experiencing oil pressure and very high oil temperature problems in all the last racing events. After installing the Spintric® in our Dry Sump System we have solved that problem. Oil pressure is higher and oil temperature 20 degrees lower. " Now we need brakes that would only work as well! ha

- Jimmy Gushiken 



Eric Miramond - No Limit Fabrication


"We only use ARE Dry Sump Systems and the Spintric® air oil separator in our "Ultra 4" racing trucks. Awesome work. Very talented fabricators." Eric's 650 HP LS engine is run thru the paces (and the air) as you see, and the systems are working flawlessly. ARE will be helping Eric with a new dry sump tank design to further aid in the "air maneuvers" that produce even more challenges for the dry sump system. Eric took First Place in their first race of 2015! Congratulations! The fabrication, welding, and instillation of all the components are truly First Class.





Since using the Spintric® our engine has being able to maintain such a high oil pressure and we have notice that our oil loss over an event has substantially reduced....Thanks to Gary and his Spintric®


C. Plavan - Spintric Installation




MVR Engine Services


Here are some pictures of the car, in front the 2.0L with the Spintric®. At the back the 4x4 with 3.0L H1V8. Both datalog screenshots are before and after. The cars are powered by 2 liter 4 cam 4 valve V8's 10,000 rpm.

- Michel (MVR Engine Services, Nederland,

The first graph shows the data on track without the Spintric® hooked up, 2nd graph is with Spintric®. Top line is oil pressure and spikes. The Spintric® has all but eliminated the surges caused by air, and the mini spikes are normal oil pump fluctuations.


Noel Ameele


"The Spintric dropped my max oil temp by 20+ degrees. When I did the engine rebuild this winter, I was able to reuse the main bearings for this season. The oil lubrication is obviously more effective than before installing the Spintric."

Noel Ameele


Paul Weir - Australia


“Hi Gary and Team, I have now had a season with my dry sump kit installed. All parts have performed flawlessly. The car is still running relatively low boost at 19 lbs and has 426 wheel horsepower. Thank for a great product and good service when I was purchasing."   

-Paul Weir (Mechanical Supervisor, WestWater, Australia)

Addl info as of 08-09-2017

Before using the dry sump set up I had many engines fail, all big ends, I think this was a lack of oil in the wet sump setup.  All was adressed with the Subaru ARE Dry Sump Kit you supplied, NO more big end failing.  Now I realize that there is a high amount of air emulsion in my oil and I am adding a Spintric....update on the Spintric to follow....


Steve Anslow - Australia


"We are very happy with the Spintric. 
It has helped our oil pressure immensely from idle thru to high RPM and the 6" filter confirms there is zero wear in our engine since installing the Spintric. 
Works great! Thanks for a brilliant product!" 

Quality Racing is a not for profit race team centred around the red car #95, with Spintric® installed – the amazing V8 RX-7 – a very exciting car to drive (and watch) and one that is much more than the sum of its many high quality parts. 

- Steve Anslow Australia

Guy Burkhart


We went to the Corvette Museum event at VIR this past Monday and Tuesday and made it there back safe and sound. AND WE HAD A BLAST!!!! My ARE Dry Sump and SPINTRIC equipped Corvette performance WAS OUTSTANDING!!! Can't wait to go back. I went knowing I had enough brakes for one day but it was worth it to see Jim Painter. And the car has never been this much fun. It must be that dang AFM device. (Guy coined the word "AFM" at the last trade show, hint, the last word is "Miracle" Ha!)

So here's the scoop.
With air temperature about 85 degrees, I had no higher than 215 degree water temps and oil temps never exceeded 235 degrees in the 4, 30 minute sessions. The car never skipped a beat , always good oil pressure and I have never had such low water and oil temps even with air temperature in the 80's. The Spintric definitely made the difference in having stable water and oil temps in my C6.

That's the truth and I am sticking to it. After adding the Spintric I finally have decent water and oil temps. Thanks to Gary, Sandy and the ARE crew!



After running my Corvette at Nurburgring 12 lap sessions,  my oil pressure is "rock steady" and the oil pump is not cavitating with air bubbles like it was before the Spintric® was added. The oil temp is down by approx. 10 deg F Attached are pictures of my installation, A quote to you from your dedicated Swedish Corvette racer.  Oil pressure is steady at WOT.  --Tompa

UPDATED 08-2017

Your dry sump system and Spintric have been great all the time! I have continued with my racing now in Time Attack and last year I was on the podium all races :-)

Rumen Dunev - Bulgaria


Our dry sump systems and Spintric work great! We love the reliability of the ARE dry sump and the Spintric is an amazing device too. Our oil system is working fantastic.


ralleycross--BMW 330 M54 full race 6-inline 8500 rpm 

“Dear ARE, Moving from my third oil pump failure (NOT ARE pumps), resulting in 2 motor breakdowns, I was tired of listening to others on how dry sumps should work, so I did a research on dry sumps in the market. I have no earlier experience with dry sumps. I could pretty quickly make the decision to use the ARE system mostly based on their excellent service level and from other users. I went for the full system 4-stage pump and the Spintric.

My experience is very good, I don't see oil pressure reductions like before, and the whole system feels more reliable and safe. I opened the engine after 2 races and everything looks perfect. " 

Jason harding

katech performance

Stage 2 package with K501 cam, Bronze valve guides, Ti/Mo intake/exhaust valves, MSD intake painted satin black, Halltech MF103, Nick Williams 102mm throttle body, ATI damper, Dewitts radiator, ARE Stage 3 dry sump systemSpintric air oil separator, LS9X clutch, Katech HD clutch hydraulics, RPM trans, Moton Clubsport double adjustable coil-overs, LG monoball kit


Jason Scherer

King of the Hammers Winner

Ultra 4 Champion and King Of Hammers winner many times over, JASON SCHERER wrote- Hey Gary... Thanks for making the best Dry Sump Systems and your new Spintric Air / Oil separator is awesome! As hard as we push in Ultra4 racing anything we can do to improve longevity and make maximum power is a welcome addition. With ARE dry sump pumps and Spintric air to oil separation systems we can run every mile as hard as possible. Thanks for the past 10 years of support Gary!


Dmitry Voronov


When competing in time attack with almost ten times the power the car left the factory with, generating several times the force of gravity in lateral acceleration, the difference between a dyno queen and a reliable performer is dependable oil supply. The M50 family of engines already have a poor wet sump as the logs show, even with an oil accumulator. Even with a stock performance envelope, they come off the track with the lifters (and sometimes, rod bearings) sounding like a machine gun. With my drysump setup from ARE, my oil pressure logs can be easily confused for the RPM signal, even in the highest G turns. The pump provides steady pressure, adjusted to what I want (100psi compared to the stock 60), the scavenge stages providing so much steady vacuum that it's not easy to open valve cover cap at idle. And when the oil makes it back to the tank, it looks almost like it just came out of a bottle thanks to the Spintric air-oil separator. The new ARE vent can allows me to mount the can above the tank as needed without needing to have the breather element sticking out of the bodywork. When you consider the cost, effort and down time required to rebuild an engine, a drysump system from ARE is possibly the cheapest insurance policy you will ever buy. And if it matters to you to have American engineering in your car and getting support like you are dealing with family, then that is a feature that comes free with all ARE products.

1975 Corvette C3 racing at Zolder 2017


The #91 Yellow Corvette is ARE Dty Sump and SPINTRIC equipped. 1st place! "The ARE dry sump system and Spintric was a fantastic asset to our race car. Great oil pressure and oil temps down!"

Watch the #91 Yellow Corvette on YouTube

Dominic Granada

M & M Muffler, Auburn , Ca

Our ARE Dry Sump and Spintric air oil separator worked awesome and helped keep our Land Speed car together for a world record at Bonneville last month!" The ARE crew congratulates Dom and Mike Granada and team on a fabulous record, and on becoming members of the 200 MPH club!


Spintric Keeps Your Oil Cool and More Viscous By Removing The Air

If you’re running a dry-sump oiling system in your race car, then take a few moments and learn more about ARE's latest in-line air/oil separator. The Spintric® installs on the scavenge oil return line going to the tank, and has zero moving parts to wear out.